Safety First


Safety First is the prime declared business of Fumicon. Pest Management Services is our secondary line of business.

We do not compromise, when it comes to Safety. We do our best to educate our customers on Safety related to our business.

EPA’s restrictions and instructions on Safety in Pest Management Business are strictly observed and followed by us, before, during and after the services.

Some of the silent features of our Safety Standards are: -

  • - Only EPA, FDA and WHO approved chemicals are applied.
  • - All chemicals are supported with M.S.D.S., directly provided by manufacturers.
  • - Anti-dotes of each chemical as per M.S.D.S. are the part of our First Aid Box.
  • - All our Pest Technicians and Operation Officers are H.S.E. trained.
  • - Our Pest Technicians are fully equipped with P.P.E. as per the applied chemical’s manufacturer recommendations.
  • - Regular H.S.E. training in-hose sessions are organized and are directly supervised by our Managing Director, who also heads our Safety Department, directly.
  • - Pest Technicians are certified, trained and experienced to undertake all kinds of pest management services, with out compromising on Safety and Quality.
  • - COMPANY SAFETY TOP POLICY: - Some time, we even compromise Quality, when it clashes with Safety.
  • - Proper Log Book are maintained, meeting ISO and Safety Standards.
  • - Use of Agriculture is strictly prohibited in household areas.
  • - Fumicon has designed its own Safety Manuals, both in English and Urdu.
  • - Safety First is the slogan of our business